40% OFF Ballroom Dance Shoes (Dance Club)

Every now and then we come across an amazing product at a great price. Dance Club is a Ballroom Dance Shoe that has surpassed many expectations in the realm of dance shoes. We talked to a studio owner in California about her experience with the popular brand. “Everyone loves them” Brittany says “Professionals and beginners alike.” From her experience it has a lot to do with affordability, durability and comfort.

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Up to $30 OFF Ballroom Dance Shoes

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Stinky Ballroom Dance Shoes

How to Keep Your Dance Shoes from Stinking

Preventing the stink:
1.Wash your feet before wearing them. Make sure to get between your toes.
2.Keep your feet dry.
a.Use hand sanitizer on your feet after washing to ensure your feet dry properly.
b.You can put antiperspirant on the bottoms of your feet to reduce sweating. (May cause discoloring or leave residue on insoles of shoes.)
c.Having an extra pair of shoes and rotating the pair your wear each day can allo
w shoes to have time to completely dry, which reduces the chances of bacterial growth (which causes the stink!)
3.Store your shoes properly after use.
a.Help shoes dry as fast as possible. Use a heater or hair dryer to speed the drying process. NEVER seal wet/sweaty shoes in a shoe bag or other container.
b.Put odor reducing products in with the shoes while storing them.


You can create sachets but cutting the foot portion off a pair of pantyhose and filling it
with kitty litter, coffee grounds/beans, or baking soda. Then tie the o
pen end and store the sachet in your shoe bag and even in your shoe. Tea bags also work!
Managing stink once it starts:
4. Use inserts that have odor reducing qualities for daily wear. These can also
take up space in a loose shoe and add extra padding.


Example: Odor Eaters brand or activated charcoal inserts
5. Try this Stinky Shoe Spray recipe we found:
-Use a 2 oz spray bottle.
Fill 2/3 with vodka (any brand is fine, no flavors.)
Fill the rest with tea tree oil.
Shake before each use and lightly mist in shoes for odor reduction.
lable from Showtime
Dance Shoes.
7. You can OCCASIONALLY wipe down the insides with rubbing alcohol
to kill bacteria and reduce
odor. Do not do this often, as it can dry the shoes out (in a bad way) and shorten the life of the shoe.
If all else fails:
8. Seal shoes in a plastic bag, write an apology letter for the trash collector,
and order a new pair from us at showtimedanceshoes.com
*These suggestions have been collected from consumer stories and are not guaranteed by Showtime Dance Shoes.

5 Ways to Make Ballroom Shoes Last Longer


There are a few things that can ruin a perfect pair of ballroom dance shoes. In our industry we don’t have much equipment, we actually just have two things that make us dancers: our feet and our shoes. Yes, we also have pounds of hair gel and glitter but we all know that you can have perfect hair and an amazing dress but that doesn’t make you a great dancer. Having bad shoes though… that can hinder any professional as nothing can disguise a dancer with painful blisters. Showtime Dance Shoes is committed to helping you not only find your perfect shoe but also making them last as long as possible. We have some tips on how to do so. See our blog post on how to cure Stinky Dance Shoes!

1) Finding the right fit for practice and performances.
Some dancers have wide feet, some narrow, some have weak ankles, and others need a lower heel. All of these things matter and we have practice shoes as well as competition shoes for any foot type. Getting a good practice shoe is probably more important than the performance shoes because 1) you can keep the competition shoes in better condition and 2) you can keep your feet more comfortable for hours and hours of practice. See all practice styles here.
2) Cleaning your suede soles with a sole brush
This is a huge recommendation for anyone with shoes that have a suede sole. Make your shoes last and brush the soles! Brush the suede of your shoes after every practice session, social dance, or competition, especially if the floor isn’t clean. Without brushing your shoes, dirt will work its way into the shoe and make it wear out more quickly. This can also be hazardous because shoes get slippery when they aren’t clean. Shop Sole Brush.


3) Shoe Disinfectant & Deodorizer
Far too often people worry about the outside of their shoes. But sometimes what is on the inside really does count, especially if the inside smells like rotten eggs. Using a simple deodorizer and disinfectant can get rid of any embarrassing order and also kill bacteria where mold will likely grow.


4) Lincoln E-Z Suede Cleaner
We have seen people try to wash their shoes with detergent, dawn, and many other products and it results in them buying a new pair of shoes. If you use a proper suede cleaner you can bring out the dirt without worrying about staining or permanently damaging the suede.

5) Heel Savers
Heel saver prolong the life of your heel tips. Many dancers also find they like the additional grip. We understand you have to be in your shoes in order to wear them in, but don’t destroy the heel in the process. Heel savers are the cheapest way to keep your shoes in top shape. Shop Now.

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Top 5 Ballroom/ Latin Dance Shoes

The results are in!
We had our dancers rank our ballroom dance shoes for five different categories:
Comfort, Affordability, Best Straps, Best Practice, and Best Men’s.

It can be hard to navigate shopping for ballroom dance shoes when you have so many choices! The best thing you can do is listen to other dancers who have tried a lot of shoes, then talk to a fitting specialist from Showtime Dance Shoes about their recommendations for your foot type. They have been fitting shoes over 10 years for professional dancers on the phone and at competitions.

Most Comfortable Dance Shoes:
Available Online
1008 Ladies Closed Toe


Most Affordable Dance Shoes:
Style# 7844
At Showtime Dance Shoes Contact Here

Best Strappy Ballroom Dance Shoes:
Elena by International

Best Practice Ballroom Dance Shoes
1025 by Supadance

Best Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoe 
International Contra Men’s

Ballroom Dance in Ed Sheeran’s Amazing new Music Video

Brittany Cherry from So You Think You Can Dance turns up the heat in Ed Sheeran’s music video. Indeed she is a well known dancer in the community but who knew Ed had the moves as well? The song is called thinking out loud and it is a full on performance by these two. Ed is a singer/songwriter known for “The A-Team” makes us feel like we are watching the tv show Dancing With the Stars. When all reality the entire performance in “Thinking Out Loud,” was choreographed by Emmy winning dancers from So You Think You Can Dance: Tabitha & Napoleon D’umo, aka “Nappytabs.”

Ed even proudly tweeted ” I’ve learned to dance” we would have to agree with that statement. After practicing for over 40 hours, I think he has learned the language of ballroom dance. Of course he also looks very fit now, he shed about 35 pounds in the process! So we can only hope more music artists follow his lead and do a little jig for us in the future. For now, we are proud of you Mr. Sheeran!

Showtime Dance

Showtime Dance

So You Think You Can DANCE Recap

Everyone’s favorite So You Think You Can Dance judges, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, are accompanied by actress Christina Applegate for the L.A auditions. In Philadelphia, the Prima ballerina Misty Copeland takes a seat at the judge’s table, and Billy Porter sits in on the second day of auditions.


Alla Kocherga: This 24 year-old from Los Angeles delivers a smoldering Latin ballroom performance with her partner, Serge Onik. She even suggests that Serge be her boyfriend if they make it to the next round.

Jourdan Epstein: This Minnesota’s dancer’s solo on pointe deals with the pain caused by her brother’s substance abuse issues, and how their relationship has flourished since he became sober.

Malene Ostergaard: After dealing with depression and her loss of self-confidence, she met her current partner, Armen, and rediscovered her love of dance. They are a sizzling couple and light the stage on fire.

5 Major Ballroom Dance tips:

5 Major Ballroom Dance tips:

Many people ask us for advice when it comes to shoes, lets face it… we know the perfect shoe for every dancer. After being in the industry for over 20 years we have learned a thing or two when it comes to the dancers, the lifestyle, and competition check lists.

1) The dance community is a small world. If you get on one dancer’s bad side you never know who they are associated with. With that being said, be nice, be focused, and be yourself.

2) Stay positive. This road can be however long you want it to be. Want to dance for the summer? Great- make the most of it. Want to be a professional dancer? Do not let anything get in your way of that.

3) Get a good pair of practice shoes and a better pair for competition. If you are dancing with 2.5 inch heels in competition but practice with 1.5 inch heels for months… you may not adjust well on the big day. Get similar heel heights for both pairs of shoes. Visit www.showtimedanceshoes.com to check out what styles are right for you.

4) Reach a new level of fitness and health. Keep your energy levels up through multivitamins, high protein meals, and stay hydrated. These will not only help you perform to your body’s peak level, but it will also help you stay mentally ready and energized through every day of dancing.

5) Pain in 90% mental. When your blisters are killing you, when you think your back just can’t handle dancing anymore, remember to feel the music, feel your partner, and feel the accomplishment of being a dancer.

Showtime Dance Shoes rated #1

Showtime dance shoes have heard your voices! We are proud to say that our Customer Promise has given us a new title “the best place to buy dance shoes.” Whether you are a dealer, studio, or beginning Latin or ballroom dancer – we serve you to the fullest. This is no doubt why we are the leading distributor of ballroom dance shoes in the united states!

Visit: www.showtimedanceshoes.com
Check out our promise:

Customer Promise

The quality of our shoes and customer service team allows us to guarantee you 100% satisfaction with every purchase.

If you are not completely satisfied with you purchase
you may return it for exchange or refund*

*Please try your shoes on a clean, soft surface like carpet to prevent soiling of the suede soles. We will happily refund or exchange items returned within 21 days of receipt, if they:

  • Have not been worn on a hard surface
  • Are in like new resalable condition
  • Are in the original packaging

Unfortunately, soiled, dyed, stoned, or special order shoes cannot be returned. Please use an outer shipping box, to make your return (like the one they arrived in). Unfortunately if the shoes are shipped in the manufacturer’s box we must replace it. There will be a $10.00 cost for this.

We recommend you return your item by UPS, FedEx or other insured and traceable methods. If you choose to use the enclosed FedEx return label it will only cost you $7.00. This will be charged to the credit card used to purchase the shoes. Please keep a record of the tracking number if you are using the FedEx label we provided. We are not responsible for any lost packages. You may also choose an alternate method of shipping.


Whether you are looking for Supadance, International, or Dancesport we carry them all proudly and give you great discounts and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Showtime Dance Shoes Holiday Challenge!

Showtime dance shoes is excited to announce our Holiday Challenge! All you have to do is take a picture of your dance shoes in a holiday setting (ie under the Christmas tree, in the snow, next to candles etc) and we will choose one at random to be used in our Holiday promotions! Oh yeah… the winner gets a new pair of dance shoes from us valued up to $250.00! This is a limited time Holiday Challenge so don’t wait!

Showtime Dance Shoes

Showtime Dance Shoes

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Showtime Dance Shoes

5 Ways To KEEP That Bikini Body Through Winter Months

1) No over eating. I know the Holidays are right around the corner but that doesn’t mean stuff yourself with pie and fried turkey until you go into a diabetic coma. If you want to feel good and energetic through the cold dreary winter ahead you have to give yourself limits. (i.e. Give yourself a chance to eat one single piece of pie over thanksgiving weekend) These limits do not have to be specific but you are your own boss, no one will put you in check other than yourself. There are plenty of healthy warm “feel good” meals to eat that are low in calories and provide you with nutritional substance rather than fillers. Take inventory of your diet, (this doesn’t mean count calories) just be health conscious. Here are some healthy recipes do not involve juicing or salads….HEALTHY MEALS FOR COLD MONTHS.

2) Vitamins! Take your daily multivitamin and give yourself a boost with vitamin C, B, and D. Winter depression is a real thing and a lot of times is a result of lacking in proper vitamins. Even when it isn’t as severe as depression, feeling gloom and unmotivated can hinder your ability to burn calories and for many of us cause emotional eating. I’m not saying vitamins are a “cure all” but if you want to dodge the flu bullet while maintaining a healthy lifestyle vitamins will most certainly help you do that.

3) Stay active. This is a given… we all know in order to look good we have to work hard. Exercise is something we all have a love hate relationship with… We love the results but we hate the time it takes and often can’t find the energy to run before or after work. BUT a routine is the most important thing to establish and a way to find routine is to workout with someone… someone who will push us or someone who we can push. It isn’t easy but find a friend and stick to a workout plan.

4) Moderate your wine and eggnog intake. Yes enjoy your winter vacation and celebrate the new year… but don’t try to keep warm by downing three bottles of wine. Alcohol is incredibly high in sugar and thus calories. Don’t even get me started on the carbohydrate and fat loaded into eggnog, you might as well eat mayonnaise with a table spoon.

5) DANCE. Yes dance… dancing is one of the greatest ways you could possibly burn calories. It also increases the amount of serotonin in your brain which makes you HAPPYYYYYY! Nothing better than feeling great while you burn calories and developing fantastic bonds with friends that will last a lifetime.

Halloween Ballroom Bash

It is almost HALLOWEEN and I don’t know a single person who isn’t ecstatic! This is especially prominent in the ballroom dance world… Let’s face it, we love dressing up, looking good, and having fun. There are plenty of Halloween parties in major cities to choose from but here are some of our favorite ballroom couples costumes!










Silent Film Stars Couple Costume

Dancing With the Stars Season 17 News

Let’s start by saying GO SNOOKI! She looked absolutely amazing and I could barely recognize her (she has lost some serious weight). She was glowing on the dance floor with high energy the entire time as she danced the Cha Cha Cha with Sasha Farber – there was even a first pump! We love seeing dance change people and that is why this season of Dancing with the stars is so touching. We have the nostalgia of seeing Bill Nye The Science Guy, the resilient beauty of Snooki and of course the most touching story of them all Valarie Harper. Valerie Harper is currently battling terminal cancer, she was so full of energy dancing the Foxtrot with Tristan MacManus. Of course she got a well deserved standing ovation before they even started the music! “It’s good to be alive and it’s better to be dancing!” Valerie said with glee after their dance. Bruno started: “How can you criticize a national treasure? You are an inspiration to the nation! You’ve got nothing to fear. You’re light on your feet. I’m so happy you’re here.” Carrie Ann was brought to tears while you could see the emotions sweep the entire room.

Why is Valerie Harper such an inspiration to all of us? Because she teaches us that a diagnosis does not determine our fate. She teaches us that perspective is reality and we create our own reality. When I think of someone who is terminally ill, I think of hospital beds, medications, and sadness. I do not think about glistening ballroom dresses, leaps into the air, and congo drums. Valerie Harper wants to LIVE… and she showed us that through her performance. Dance heals. Dance inspires. Dance revives!

Ballroom Dance Shoes: www.showtimedanceshoes.com

Showtime Dance Shoes… Proud to be #1



Showtime Dance Shoes started 15 years ago and has been able to keep growing with the popularity of Ballroom dance itself. They have received acclamations for many different things but the one thing that they are most proud of is the team behind the box of shoes. The customer service department is amazing on the phones and on the roads as they are constantly traveling around the nation to various competitions. Showtime Dance Shoes is a brand that lives up to its reputation and is so excited to be in the process of creating their very own dance shoe.

Check out the schedule:

Capital DancesportAug 21 – 25Alexandria, VA
Windy City OpenAug 29 – Sep 1Chicago, IL
USDCSep 2 – 7Orlando, FL
Cleveland DancesportSep 19 – 21Cleveland, OH
First Coast ClassicOct 3 – 5

St. Augustine, FL

Harvest Moon BallOct 10 – 13Chicago, IL

www.ShowtimeDanceShoes.com… Where all the magic happens.

Ballroom Dance Olympics

Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom Dance Shoes


There is a large increase in Ballroom Dancing for teens and college students around the world.  Much of this increased interest is focused on DanceSport, the competitive version of ballroom dancing. DanceSport has competitions annually from city to city around the world. This is attributed to the recognition of USA Dance as the National Governing Body of DanceSport in the U.S. by the USOC, and the recognition of the World DanceSport Federation as the International Governing Body of DanceSport by the IOC.

USA Dance and its international body, the World DanceSport Federation, are working in concert to increase the interest and access to DanceSport events all over the world. Such programs as Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and other dance-related programs also help to keep ballroom dancing and DanceSport in the public eye both in the U.S. and abroad. The first unofficial world championship took place in 1909, and the first formation team was presented in 1932 by Olive Ripman at the Astoria Ballroom, London. Dancesport was first broadcasted on TV in 1960. Now in 2013 Competitive dance is an industry that continues to grow as dancers keep reaching new levels of fitness as they break into new styles.