H860-X Kalahari – Dark Tan Satin

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Price: $169.00

Ray Rose Ladies ‘Kalahari’ in Dark Tan Satin

  • High grade latex sports orthotic with integral metatarsal support.
  • Available in a 2″, 2.5″, or 3″ Flare Heel.
  • Fixed 5 Strap Ladies Latin Dance Sandal.
  • Square toe insole.
  • Supportive Arch (suitable for medium and high arches).
  • Optimum flexibility with stability and control.
  • Rounded back.
  • “Non stretch” stripping.
  • Unique ArtSport diamante buckle.
  • Anti bacterial microfiber sock and lining.
  • Sports grade heel support material.
  • Anti slip heel tips.
    International Dance Shoes

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