Heel Savers

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5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

Price: $4.00$5.00

Heel savers prolong the life of your heel tips. Many people also find they like the additional grip.

Price and quantity are per pair. If you prefer to order in packages order:
Supadance in multiples of 5
Freed in multiples of 4
International in multiples of 3


Due to the complexity of the offered options the below dropdowns may initially show options that are not available. It will reset to available options before you can add to the cart.


One response to “Heel Savers”

  1. Nancy Kennedy says:

    I ordered the supadance contour heel caps. Perfect condition, nothing to complain about. However, I just want to clarify for any other buyer out there that this is only one pair of heel caps NOT the regular box of heel caps. I was shocked at how cheap the price was compared to other sellers for a whole box but once I got my package in the mail I realized it was only one pair. Not upset at all but I wish that would have been more clearly specified on the website.

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